Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy

Legal Notice

  1. This user agreement governs the relationship between the administration of the Packat.net website, hereinafter referred to as "Packat.net", and any person using the Packat.net website and all the services, the rights of use of which are held by Packat.net, hereinafter referred to as "the user".

  2. Packat.net is operated by the limited liability company "Loud Solutions". The company is registered in the Commercial Register at the Prague Municipal Court, С.143377. Company address: U měšťanského pivovaru 869/1a, 170 00, Prague-7, Czech Republic. The identification number: 28463714.

Services provided

  1. Packat.net provides the user with online services in the following forms:

    1.1. Language courses and educational consultations in the form of subscription for one month or for 12 months from the moment of payment and access limited to 31 days.

    1.2. Travel recommendations in a country of learning language and initial preparation for travel to a country of learning language.

  2. By accessing Packat.net and using our services, the user acknowledges having read and understood these Terms of Use.

Privacy policy

  1. The data collected by Packat.net is necessary for the provision of the services offered.

  2. Packat.net guarantees that the information recorded on the site is treated in a strictly confidential manner.

  3. Packat.net does not retain any payment information. All data is collected by an associated bank and the PayPal system.

  4. Packat.net only uses personal data for specific purposes: to provide the user with the services provided, including language courses, educational consultations and initial preparation for traveling to a country of learning language.

  5. The user has the right to request access to his personal data. He can thus receive a copy of the personal data.

  6. The user has the right to request the deletion of his personal data if it is no longer necessary for the purposes it was collected.

Use of cookies

  1. Packat.net uses tracers (cookies). Thus, the site is likely to access the information already stored in your electronic communications terminal equipment and to enter information.

  2. Type of cookies used by Packat.net:

    • authentication cookies, to identify the user once he has logged in, for the duration of the session.

Rights and obligations

  1. The user agrees to respect the rules of these Terms.

  2. The user agrees to provide the correct information in the process of creating his personal account.

  3. Packat.net holds the rights to all information products on the packat.net website, which is why it is forbidden for the user to publish, post on Internet sites, distribute an information product to third parties to for commercial or non-commercial purposes, to create on the basis of other information products, as well as to use it in a way other than personal education.

  4. Packat.net has the right to block the account of the user in case of violation of the rules of these Terms of Use.

  5. Packat.net undertakes to inform users about the modifications of the agreement by publishing the renewed edition and the date of publication on the following page: https://packat.net/en/terms

  6. All disputes must be resolved by negotiation between Packat.net and the user.

  7. All unresolved issues will be settled in accordance with applicable law at the registered office of Loud Solutions s.r.o.

Refund conditions

  1. The refund policy on Packat.net varies depending on the type of services provided which are:

    1.1. Language courses and educational consultations in the form of registration: The service is considered to be provided after receipt of the payment confirmation and can not be refunded. However, it may be canceled for later payment (see "Cancellation conditions and procedure").

    1.2. Travel recommendations and initial preparation for travel to a country of learning language: In this case, the service may be canceled in writing within 7 days. In case of cancellation, both parties must refund the services already performed.

Cancellation conditions and procedure

  1. The user has the right to request the cancellation of the subscription by sending the message with a request for cancellation to the following address: support@packat.net.

  2. The user has the right to cancel the service of the initial preparation for travel to a country of learning language by sending the message with a request for cancellation and refund within 7 days of their issue at the following address: support@packat.net.

  3. All free information products available for download and presentation on the Packat.net website can not be the subject of purchase and sale and refund.

Last updated: May 6, 2019

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